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See what retired racing mules are doing now.....
Mule racing is a fascinating sport and if you are able to attend a race, be sure not to miss it. Mules are not only great racers they are also highly intelligent, versatile and personable riding companions. See how some of our retired mules spend their time after racing!!

Bar JF Red Ticket
Bar JF Red Ticket is owned by Becky Sanders. Pictured here after her last race in Fresno and sorting cattle on the Ranch!

Czar was bred and owned by Don Jacklin of Rathdrum, Idaho. People often wonder what a "retired" race mule is good for. Well, let me tell you about Czar's second career! He is as much of a champion off the racetrack as he was in his younger years when he was still beating the competition on the straightaway. Czar is now 24 years old and is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to gaming on horseback (or muleback in this instance)! Some of Czar's accomplishments include the first mule EVER in history to win the California STate Horseman's Association finals in Watsonville, CA in 2002. IN 2004 Czar made the trek back to his home state of Idaho and again beat the horses at the Kootenai County Saddle Club Championship in Coeur d'Alene. Czar has earned the title of High Point Gaming Mule in Nevada, Montana, California and Idaho. Also included in his impressive resume, he has competed against horses at the National Chanpionships in Kalispell, MT in 2010; Blackfoot, ID in 2012; and Buffalo, WY in 2014. At these National Shows Czar placed in 5 out of 10 events each year! Czar has literally won hundreds of awards in the gaming arena which that along with all the afore mentioned Championships is unprecedented by any mule to date. Many hearfelt thanks go out to Don Jacklin for allowing Czar and Ed Burdick to continue their winning ways!

By Ruth Burdick

Champagne Charlie
The underdog in 1998 running second to Miss Nite Light all year until the big race. Winner of the 1998 AMRA Futurity in Fresno and earning AMRA World Championship!

Blue McGee PhD
Blue McGee, PhD, with Laurice Webb at the North Idaho Open Show in the Flag Race.

Navajo Lady
Costume Contest at Montana Mule Days, Hamilton, MT, with Sequoia Webb.

Starbuck's Baby & Blinkie
Starbuck's Baby and Blinkie particpating in the Mule Mania Parade in Dayton, WA.

Red Rooster
The little mule with the "BIG" personality!!