November 20, 2000                           Contact:   Kate Snider


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Healdsburg, California – Have you heard her name before?  If you’ve ever attended a mule race or have seen one simulcast at your nearest wagering center, I’m sure you have.  Black Ruby is a legend in her own time. Her name is synonymous with “winner,” if you’re going to place a bet.  A few facts about Ruby:

·        She’s had 43 wins in her lifetime; 9 seconds; and 3 thirds.

·        She holds two world records – one at 870 yards, the other at 440 yards.

·        She holds track records at five of the six California racetracks that feature mule races.

·        She has won purse money in excess of $100,000.

·        She is the only mule who has won at every distance from 250 to 870 yards.

Get the picture?  She is truly a champion.  So much so that one bettor in Southern California will wager $20,000+ per race for her to show, gambling that she will run at least third.  It’s more of a sure thing than the stock market – even if she only pays 10 cents on the dollar!

You might want to save your nickels and dimes for next year.  Black Ruby will run again beginning in June at the San Joaquin County Fair.  If you have a chance, come to the Fair or attend your nearest satellite wagering facility.  Chances are you will witness a part of mule racing history in the making.

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