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New World Record
440 yard race
Big Fresno Fair

Taz is a five-year-old embryo transfer mule. He has a full sister named Evelan Nelson. He was bred and born in Idaho by Gary McGraw. Raised and trained by owner Don Jacklin and Ruth Burdick. Taz won the "Three Year Old Mule Award of the Year" in 1998. Taz is considered one of the five fastest racing mules in the U.S. today. Taz runs in the Open Class.


"Sis-Ki-You Loretta"

 Loretta, the big white appaloosa with the kind eyes, was foaled near the California/Oregon border in 1989.  She was purchased as a young greenbroke mule by Caralee Scala and Bob Greb with the hope of making a good ranch and mountain mule out of her.  However, when Loretta was seen running with easewith all the horses and mules in the field, additional thoughts for her future came to mind.

Loretta's first parimutuel race came in October 1995 at The Big Fresno Fair.
She won the 440 yard race with a speed index of 77 and under.

 In 1999 Loretta was co-champion for the year in the 85 and under speed index.  Look for Loretta in the new millenium running the Open Speed Index.

In the off season Loretta can be seen working cows on a ranch, at team penning competitions or leading a pack string in the high mountains. Loretta is one of the few, very special, all around mules.

"Lucky Penny the Iron Lady"

Durability, toughness, consistency, and the will to win all describe the Iron Lady of mule racing, LUCKY PENNY.

Initiated by her award as the 1990 Three-Year Old World Champion, "Penny" has continued to further her history of championships; three years as world sprint champion, two years of other speed index championships, and currently a leading candidate for a 1999 speed index category championship.

Foaled in Idaho in 1987, the Iron Lady with the beautiful copper color immediately won the heart of long time owner and mule race developer Jim Schleimer.  His faith in Penny has certainly been well justified with 68 wins from 168 races over her 9-year racing career. 1994 was a special highlight for Penny, winning an astounding 17 of 1 8 races on both parimutual and non-parimutual tracks.

Currently second on the list of all time money-winner ($51,221.00) the Iron Lady holds the world records for 250 yards (14.95) and 400 yard (22.95). She is scheduled to continue her racing career in the new millennium of 2000.

"Go Go Doc"