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Attention: JOCKEYS!!
"$21,220 in incentive money was paid to eligible jockeys for the racing year 2008"
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New and Improved!
AMRA Jockey Incentive Program

(It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4)

1. Ride just one or two mules at a meet and you are entitled to $10 per ride for that meet.
2. Ride three or more mules at the same meet and you are entitled to $20 per ride for that meet.

3. Beginning with Stockton and ending at Fresno, ride at least four mules at each summer fair meet and
    you will be entitled to an additional bonus of $250. ON TOP OF THE $20 PER RIDE!!

(In order to be entitled to payment, a rider must ride the mule in a pari-mutuel race at a meet.  The mule must break from the gate and run.  Payment will be made within 30 days of the end of the Summer Fair Circuit (Fresno). It is the jockey’s responsibility to supply the AMRA office with his/her mailing address and Social Security Number for tax purposes.  Checks will not be mailed until this information has been given to the AMRA office.  Check requests will be accepted until June 1, 2010.) 

What Else is New:

World Championship Futurity 2009 - Fresno, CA

The Winnemuca Mule Races, May 30 & May 31, 2009
Visit the website:

For photos from the 2009 Winnemucca Mule Days Race meet, please visit:


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    About AMRA

    Thank you for visiting the official site of the American Mule Racing Association (AMRA). The Association promotes the racing of mules and maintains a franchise from the State of California to represent all owners, trainers, and breeders of mules with respect to

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    Rick Ruhge


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    Sarah Nelson
    Sarah Nelson
    Bar JF Hot Ticket
    Bar JF Hot Ticket
    Futurity winner 07
    Genie Jones winning 2007 Futurity
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    California Bred Racing Mules Earned an additional $38,350
    in 2008!

    It pays to own a Cal Bred!

    Featured News 

    Info from ADMS (posted 062708)

    Dear Race Mule owner/Trainer

    Please make sure that the Certificate of Registration for your Race Mule is kept in a safe place. During racing season, these papers are often at the racing secretary or track secretary's office. At the end of season, please file them in a cabinet or your safe, so that you will know where they are. Please do not store them on top of your desk, in the pickup truck, or in the tack box. These papers are a title to the animal. They must be originals in order for your mule to race, and they must be current as to ownership, tattoo, and race record. If the papers are lost, they can be reissued ONLY ONCE at additional charge. This is to prevent multiple sets of papers in existence for any one mule. It is vital that you know where the single set of papers for your mule is. If the mule is sold (in part/shares or in full) the Original papers should be returned immediately to the ADMS office for an official transfer of ownership. The Original papers will then be returned to the owner/trainer or agent of choice (as indicated in writing). We do understand that occasionally there are circumstances beyond control (fire, flood, break-in) and there will be extenuating circumstances. Policy on such cases may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We appreciate your cooperation in making sure that the Title to your mules (in the form of the original Registration Certificate) is kept in a safe location.

    Leah Patton, Registrar, ADMS and the ADMS Staff. (contact info. below)

    Info from ADMS (posted on 031208)

    Hello to all Race Mule owners, trainers and fans!
    It's time for a new season, and this means registrations and transfers of your race mules.
    Please begin your registrations as soon as you put your mule in training.  We get an overwhelming number of last-minute registrations.  Many of these are "he/she races this Saturday" and we get the initial paperwork on a Tuesday.  We must have time not only to process the registrations, but allow them time to return to you.  We are also getting registrations with the incorrect fees sent.
    Please note that these fees have been in effect for over eight months.  This fee schedule has been run in the last three issues of the BRAYER magazine (you must be a member of ADMS, which also gets you your subscription to the BRAYER) in order to register a race mule, donkey or mule. 

    Registration of a race mule under the age of two years (24 months) - $10.00
    • Registration of a race mule over the age of two years (24 months) - $30.00
    Membership/BRAYER magazine - $23.00 U.S.; $30 Canada; $35 Overseas members.

    ALL race mule registrations
    must include additional postage back to the owner/trainer/track. This can be in the form of your FedEx or UPS number, a pre-paid envelope, $25.00 to cover the FedEx/Priority Overnight/or other rush shipping, or $5.50 to cover USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. We will not send any racing mule papers without delivery confirmation/tracking numbers. 
    These papers are a title to the animal.  Lost papers are like losing the title to your car. There should never be more than one set of papers in existance for any mule. This is why you must submit in writing to obtain lost papers.  Reissue of lost papers - in writing, with one photo of each side, $10.00.
    Please register your mules now, or get them transferred so that they will start the season off properly.  If you need a supply of forms, we will happily send them to you, by mail or email. 

    American Donkey & Mule Society
    P.O. Box 1210
    Lewisville, TX  75067
    (972) 219-0781
    Fax (972) 420-9980 (please call before faxing).

    Fair Racing Calendar for 2009

    6/18 - 6/28

    7/01 - 7/19

    7/22 - 7/26

    Santa Rosa
    7/29 - 8/09

    CARF (GGF)
    8/12 - 8/23

    8/13 - 8/23

    State Fair/Cal Expo
    8/26 - 9/07

    10/07 - 10/18

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