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The American Mule Racing Association (AMRA) was formed to promote the racing of mules at recognized distances in the sport of racing. The Association is guided by six directors who are elected by the membership of the AMRA at their annual meeting.

NEW FOR 2020

** 2020 AMRA Annual Convention **

Save the date! Join us for the AMRA Convention and Awards Banquet March 14, 2020, at Harrah's Reno. Please call Kate at (209) 256-4631) to book your room and make banquet reservations. Room rates are Friday night $75.00; Saturday night $95.00 plus tax and resort fees for both days. See you there!!

Read the minutes from the 2019 AMRA Annual Meeting, click here.

2018 Year End Results, click here.

No late entry penalty for the AMRA three year old futurity held in Fresno!

New awards category for your Mules!! SPEED INDEX 86 - 95!!

Repurposing Retired Race Mules
by Gayle Stegmann, Gem State Mule Company, Rathdrum, Idaho

Ed Burdock

Ed Burdock, Professional Trainer, under English saddle is on ‘Idaho Gem’, the world’s first ever equine clone
photo by Chris Holloway, Ears Up Photography

I am often asked what we do with race mules when they are no longer racing. There is a misconception that racing can have negative implications to a mule. I learned this first hand. When I was struggling to locate a mule prospect for the upcoming racing season in 2017, I put my request out on Facebook to a group that has some 4000+ members. From the feedback I received, the one that stood out the most was “Why wreck a good mule by putting it on the race track, enough with this nonsense?” I was shocked as I had no idea there was this perception out there. While this article is not to convince anyone of the good that comes to these mules from racing, it is merely to educate those who are not familiar with the mule racing industry and share with you some pretty awesome stories about what happens to these mules when they are no longer racing.
To read the full article,
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By Don Jacklin: President, American Mule Racing Association

Senorita - Fresno 2017

“Driving, Held determinedly, no mistakes”....these were some of the words published in the ‘Daily Race Rag’ to describe Senorita in her previous races leading up to the big race in Fresno, as she embarked on her quest to finish out a first ever in the history of mule racing, undefeated championship season.

October 16th, Fresno County Fair marked the final race of the 2016 racing season and Senorita came out on top, capturing the World Championship Title and the Fresno AMRA Gold Cup. This marked her second consecutive year to win the World Championship title and her 3rd time overall. The challenge requires superior performance throughout the race year against former World Champions BJF Red Ticket and BJF Hot Ticket.

In 2013, Senorita suffered chip fractures to both of her fetlock joints while in a training session. It nearly marked the end of her racing career. Dr. Bob Schneider, a renowned vet with McKinley Peters Equine, who specializes in injuries to race horses and had a long history as a vet at Portland Meadows, evaluated Senorita in Feb. 2014, as a then 4 year old. It was recommended that she have surgery, followed by several weeks of rehabilitation. She then went back into race training in April 2014 and went on to win the Championship that same year and has only improved and posted faster times since her this surgery. “We are so fortunate to have of the best lameness specialists and surgeons on this side of the Rockies, right in our backyard” said Gayle Stegmann, Gem State Mule Company, Rathdrum, ID. He saved her racing career which now stands in earnings over $70,000.

Senorita is a 6 year old dapple grey molly bred by Roger Downy and owned by Gayle Stegmann and David Wood. She is trained by Ruby Thomas and was rode to her championship race in 2016 by jockey Lewis Godoy.

Watch for Senorita on the California State Racing circuit again in 2017 as she vies for her 4th World Championship title. Popular mules including Red Ticket, Cowboy Way, and Cali McGee will be back for what promises to be another exciting racing season.

AMRA will pay to member/owner at the end of the racing year an amount per start that will be determined by the Board of Diretors. Funding will be from the General Fund and will be in the approximate amount of $20,000!! This financial incentive is designed to encourage new owners and retain current owners and to help in the reduction of costs incurred as a result of the ever-increasing Workers' Compensation charges.

RETIRED MULES, see what life is like after racing, click here.

By Don Jacklin: President, American Mule Racing Association


Senorita, the 2013 3-Year Old World Champion moved rapidly forward in 2015, becoming the New Open World Champion Racing Mule.
The challenge required superior performances throughout the race year against former World Champions BJF Red Ticket and BJF Hot Ticket, with a culminating and convincing win in the Fresno AMRA Gold Cup.

Owned by Gayle Stegmann and Dave Wood, ridden by Jockey Joe Crispin and trained by Ruby Thomas, Senorita exploded out of the Fresno gate on October 17, increasing her lead in the 440 yard race, and winning by 4 lengths. Fresno racing crowds are the largest on the California Fair Racing circuit with attendance soaring from 5,000 to 10,000.

All 3 World Champions will again be competing against each other in 2016, along with the new 2015 3 Year Old World Champion, “Shu Fly”.

For further information contact the American Racing Mule Association.

Photos of the 2013 AMRA Awards Banquet held in Reno, NV, click here.

Local Hospice Officials say Thanks for Mule Betting Opportunity
Annual event presented great fundraising opportunity for the all-volunteer organization, click here

Black Ruby: 2012 Equus Hall of Fame Winner

Photo by: Marcie Lewis

Black Ruby, a nineteen year-old retired racing mule mare, is this year's Equine Hall of Fame inductee. Credited as the "winning-est racing mule of all time", she now spends her time mentoring yearlings and two year-olds at her home in Healdsburg, CA. (Click here to read more)

From the California Horse Racing Board 2008-09 Annual Report

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For photos from the 2009 Winnemucca Mule Days Race Meet, please visit www.mischkapics.smugmug.com.

Bar JF Hot Ticket

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