Presented By The American Mule Racing Association
September 21-September 25, 2006

A Place In The Sun…

As the Fairplex meet draws to a close with one final thrilling weekend of racing to go Mule Racing fans and connections are giving thanks for their time in the warm Southern California sun.

Especially heating up the action  this Sunday will be the anticipated rematch of upstart Bar JF Geneo  with the reigning King and Queen of the Mule Kingdom Smoking Joe and Sarah Nelson. If mules could talk this writer would definitely quote Joe and Sarah as saying to Geneo “Look kid….It’s one thing to catch us by surprise at 220 yards but….let’s see how you do when we stretch it out to 350”.

Of course, having seen the fiery nature of one Bar JF Geneo it would be no stretch to quote him as saying “Bring it on!”. Regardless, for casual fans and handicappers alike this match up will be most intriguing both on the track and at the betting window.

Jeff Mullins, Doug O’Neil, Bob Bone…

Big names abound atop the first page of the Fairplex leading trainers and owners standings, however, it is with great pride (and a wink and a smile) the trainers Candice Coffee and Ray Thomas as well as  owners Mr. Card Racing Stable and Dave Wood also share the same page as some of the biggest names in racing. Congratulations to all. Your names look great in the spotlight!!!!

Big Bucks!

And just as a reminder that Mule Racing continues to be one the  best bets on the track… last week the average Trifecta exploded off the page averaging a shocking 290-1!!!

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