Presented By The American Mule Racing Association
September 12-September 18, 2006

Upset Special!!!

If you were listening to the whispers on the backstretch you might not have been too surprised to see Bar JF Geneo pull off the upset victory over mule all stars Sarah Nelson and Smoking Joe last Saturday, however, you would definitely be kicking yourself if you failed to cash in a winning ticket for $17.20!!!

Congratulations to Owner/Trainer Susan Andrus and Jockey Anthony “Hollywood Ayala” for being the first connections this year to topple the big two and shake up the open division.  Although with her second place finish Sarah Nelson continued on pace to win the Open Division the introduction of a third factor in the chase sets up intriguing possibilities for the future of the division.

Where the Money’s At…

Daily mule racing continues this week at Fairplex Park with several intriguing speed index match ups as well a three year old contest on Thursday featuring standout Out Of My League and world famous cloned mule Idaho Gem.

Last week many exciting wagering opportunities presented themselves with the exacta being a profitable option paying off an average of 21-1. As the mule racing year is nearing its end handicappers can start to look for 3 year olds to blossom and potentially begin to challenge their older competitor as Bar JF JJ did in defeating a field of older mules last Saturday in an impressive effort.

Additionally, in handicapping races bettors would be wise to keep a close eye on some of the unique conditions offered in the Fairplex book which should give some runners an opportunity to score at a price.

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