Presented By The American Mule Racing Association
August 10-August 14, 2006

Winner Take All!!!
In an event that should achieve “pay per view status” and yet will be broadcast free to all Smoking Joe and Sarah Nelson will square of in a match race of 660 yards on Saturday August 12th at Ferndale with a winners of purse of $10,000 consisting of $5,000 each personally put into the pot by owners Terry Shelton (Smoking Joe) and Roger Downey (Sarah Nelson).

Although Sarah Nelson has bested Smoking Joe in their last two meetings it will be a whole new ball game as both will be traveling around the turn for the first time this year bringing to light the fact that Sarah Nelson has yet to beat Smoking Joe in such a race.

Of note is that Win Only wagering will be offered in this exciting race thus offering fans from all over the world to get in on the action.

Mule Heaven
Indeed, if there is a heaven for mules it may be Ferndale, California. Located 264 miles North of San Francisco and just off the Pacific Coast The Humboldt County Fair not only offer the mules (and their two legged friends) a break from the Summer Heat but also embraces our sport with two races on almost every day of the meet. Fan can definitely expect excellent fields and spirited competition as the entire mule community has made their way North for one of the favorite meets of the year.


With the mule racing season in full swing this is the time of the year where those taking the time to study up on Mule Racing stand to reap the rewards of huge payoffs for astute handicapping. Key areas to look for at this time of year are mules that are either moving up or down in speed index and also those that have previously done well at the 220 yard distance which is unique to the Ferndale meet. For more information on speed index please be sure to check out

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