Presented By
 The American Mule Racing Association
Presented By The American Mule Racing Association
August 2-August 7, 2006

Mule racing reaches a new level of excitement this week with the posting of fields averaging 8 entrants for races occurring Wednesday and Friday. This is very encouraging for those concerned over the availability of mules and jockeys to ride them thus showing that our sport in thriving on the California Fair Circuit to the delight of all.

Of special note will be the first 10 Mule field of the year set to go in the 3rd race on Friday’s card at Santa Rosa featuring Mules with a Speed Index of 78 and Under. Another Monster Superfecta should be lurking in this evenly matched field featuring 8 of 10 runners that have already won at least one race this year.

And By The Way…
What exactly is a mule anyway??? Well the simple answer is that a mule if the offspring of a Donkey Jack (The Sire) with a Horse (The Dam) thus creating long eared bliss. Many of the racing mules we see on track are bred to quarter horses, however, thoroughbreds and other breeds have also produced successful runners. To learn more be sure to check out the website of The American Donkey and Mule Society at

Going The Distance
Top Mules Sarah Nelson and Smoking Joe renew their rivalry in the $7,500 Santa Rosa Mule Championship which will be the featured mule race of the meet. Adding to the intrigue of the back and forth duel will be that this will be their first meeting of the year at 440 yards which is a virtual marathon in the mule world.

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