Presented By The American Mule Racing Association
October 13 - October 15, 2006


All good things must come to end. Sad but true…

Mule season comes to a close this Sunday with the running of THE $10,000 FRESNO AMRA GOLD CUP featuring rivalries old and new. A true test at 440 yards the Gold Cup will feature the ongoing battle between rivals Sarah Nelson and Smoking Joe as well as the added intrigue of the new party crasher Bar JF Geneo.

Coming of a new track record for 350 yards and a dominating Futurity victory many fans hoped they might see Bar JF Hot Ticket try her hand in the big race, however, fans will just have to wait until next year given that Hot Ticket has chosen to hang out with her friends in the 3 year old division in Saturday’s $6,000 event.


As an added intrigue to Saturday’s 3 year old event, fans will be treated to a “race within a race” as the world famous clones Idaho Gem and Idaho Star are scheduled to face off as part of the nine mule field.


As our season comes to close many fans often wonder what a racing mule does in the off season between now and next June. Good question…Well to make a long story short a good deal of the mules simply just get to be themselves, relaxing at ranches ranging from Idaho to Arizona. Although the AMRA is always looking for new opportunities to extend our season and bring Mule Racing to new fans all over the world, at the end of the day a lot can be said for giving our long eared friends a little R&R! They deserve it!

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