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AMRA Speed Index

Do you have the desire to figure your own speed index? Itís easy. In fact, if you can do basic math, you can do it. Hereís the deal:

  1. Pull up the full result chart for your race on the Equibase website. Check out the time your mule ran in.
  2. Go to your handy speed index master chart. Compare the time of your muleís race with the chart. (Distance across the top, speed index on the left)
  3. Write down your speed index (if the third number after the decimal of the running time is higher than what is listed in the chart, round down).

Now, hereís the easy part.

Check your muleís last five starts. Throw out the high and low speed indexes and average the other three. Thatís your number.

Was that so hard???

If you have any questions, you can always call the AMRA office at (209) 256-4631. Remember, your speed index will only change at the END of each meet.

  • Speed Index Table