"Important message from ADMS regarding registration"

RE : UPS packages to ADMS/Race Mules

Dear Race Mule Owners, Secretaries and Organizers:

We need to make you aware NOT to send registration papers or transfers
to the ADMS office via Early AM UPS delivery.  According to UPS, this must
be delivered before 830 am.  Since our office does not open until 9 am,
there will not be anyone at the office to sign for your early-am

We will not accept UPS packages without a signature.  Therefore, the
package you have just paid double shipping on will be delayed for
anywhere between 24 and 48+  hours.  UPS will continue to early-am
deliver a package, and will not hold it at the Hub unless specifically
directed to do so.  This means tracking the package, phone calls, and
the ADMS office manager having to drive one hour round trip to get to the
package and pick it up.

Use regular overnight UPS delivery, Priority postal mail, or Fed EX, but
do not use any early am services.  We try very hard to get mule
paperwork back to you in a reasonable amount of time, but neither these services
nor ADMS can guarantee any kind of delivery time.  Making sure your
package is sent properly - and with your contact information posted in
case tracking is needed! - will help us keep your cost and time frame

Thank you!

Leah Patton, Office manager, ADMS